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Introduction to Coaching

What is Coaching ?

Coaching is a partnership between 2 people, where the coach helps the client to unlock their full potential through a thought-provoking and creative process.

Coaches facilitate the process of reaching your full potential by asking you questions that will make you reflect and see things from a different perspective. As a coach, I will hear you, reflect with you and support you with everything you want to bring to our sessions. We will dig deeper together into your struggles for you to find ways to learn how to deal with them on a daily basis.

Two people climbing a mountain
Inês Santos

My Coaching Approach 

I enter each session with a black canvas and child-like curiosity. Throughout our sessions, I will always make sure you are comfortable by checking in with you. I am here to serve you and therefore I will provide you with a safe space to share your thoughts, emotions and feelings at your own pace. 

I hold my clients as whole, complete and resourceful. If you’re here, it is not because you need fixing. I believe you already have the answers, you just haven’t found them within yourself yet. 

As your coach, you can expect me to be very present in our sessions; a good listener; to laugh with you; to acknowledge you for your achievements and growth; to hold up the mirror for you at times and to challenge you when needed. 

As a mindset coach, I will help you shift your fixed mindset into a growth one. Consequently, you will become more positive and flexible when adversities come up.

My Coaching Process

Our relationship will start with a free discovery call. In this call, we will talk about what coaching is and what isn’t; what type of coach you want me to be; our boundaries and limits; your goals and the coaching contract.

I will start every session by asking you what you like to talk about and what you want to achieve by the end of the session. Then, we will move on to the exploration phase of the call where we will peel back the layers of your topic. Finally, we will discuss next action steps to take, how you’ll hold yourself accountable and any major take-aways.

Balanced pilled rocks
Image by Patrick Langwallner
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